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Open Class Masterclass
Workshop Open Day

Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 January 2024

Spazio Danza Via Vicenza, 18 – Catania

Open Class Masterclass
Workshop Open Day

Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 January 2024

Piazza Sant’Anna, 3 – at Xinergie – Palermo

The first authentic Fizzy Burlesque & Pin Up School in Sicilia

In one of the most exclusive areas of Palermo, which stands out for its elegant Art Nouveau buildings, the
first real Burlesque Academy & Pin Up for learning this effervescent and magical art. The
our prestigious headquarters, will welcome you in refined and bright environments, to ensure you an experience
extraordinary training in the context and atmosphere of the past. We guarantee a unique and
complete, fun and useful at the same time: a journey to rediscover your body and your
ability to be sensual, ironic, charming.

Photos Credit: Veronika Marx For V’s Anchor Studio

Charme Luxury Burlesque Academy

Founded and directed by Petite Chérie, the Charme Luxury Academy offers Burlesque-level courses
basic to advanced, but above all offers the opportunity to follow a series of workshops, masterclasses and cycles of
specialization in different disciplines that revolve around the art of Burlesque, including Cabaret, Fan
Dance, Can Can, Modern Cabaret, Bond Girl, Prom Queen, etc.
The staff of the teacher corps counts highly professional and established performers in the panorama
national and international: they will guide you in this intriguing world to bring out the
better than you through art, mimicry, music and movement.
All courses are limited in number in order to optimize the success of the learning experience.
Beginner courses are a new way for many women to explore their
femininity and learn to play with your body with lightness and irony.
Undoubtedly a certain attitude to the show, creativity and a hint of exhibitionism
are a good starting point on which to insert our specialized courses, but for those who approach
for the first time at the Burlesque, thanks to us it will be possible to acquire the main foundations and techniques,
learn how you put on a number until you get to the creation of a character, your
character, creating a complete performance.
The intermediate courses are specially designed for those who want to go beyond the playful dimension
and aim to master the techniques with adequate mastery, while the advanced courses of
Burlesque and Glamour Dance, which will involve the most motivated students, will provide a path of
solid and thorough study, such as to lead them in the future on a stage.

The disciplines of study envisaged, in relation to the courses are:

  • Classical and contemporary dance (basic techniques and reinterpretation)
  • History of Entertainment
  • Music and musical choices
  • Acting – Make Up – Hair Styling
  • Creating Scene Dresses & Burlesque Costume
  • Ideation of the act and the character Burlesque
  • Body movement and Teasing technique
  • Scene strategy related to Teasing, use of corsetry, gloves, feathered boa, fans and special costume jewelry
  • Structuring the poses, the look, the relationship with the audience, the way of walking on heels on stage
  • Foxwalk, stomping

Choreography and Burlesque Classics: Bumps & Grind, Shake, Shimmy move, Balloons, Fan Dance, Twirling.

The continuous updating and collaborations with the largest burlesque schools in the world, will allow you to master both the British method (British New Burlesque) and the American method (Classic American Burlesque Striptease)

Charme Luxury Pin Up Academy

Our Workshop and Masterclass Pin Up are the best choice for women looking for a complete
pin up renewal experience in the sign of vibrant femininity able to conquer the world with
a simple look, a gesture, a winking smile.
Trust us and we will help you to bring out the best part of you: it will be our way to make you appear
like the divas of other times to make you attractive and special! Sensuality, confidence, self-esteem, uniqueness and
mastery of the spaces in which you move: these are the elements on which we will work together during the lessons
and they will become your strength in life.
The disciplines taught ranging from the study of facial mimicry variants to the way of walking, to
costumes, make up, hairstyles etc, will transport you into the fascinating world of pin-ups for
share an extraordinary and unique lifestyle.
Possibility to book a photo shoot entirely in pin-up style at Château
Chéri with our retro photography professionals who will magically capture your femininity
in a series of shots that will constitute your aesthetic memory over time.
During this service you will be constantly supported by a qualified makeup artist and a Hair Stylist for
be impeccable in every single moment of this magnificent experience.
On request you can enter a posing service under the expert guidance of Petit Chéri, in order to enhance
at best your forms.
At the end for some workshops, there will be photo shoots to crown your dream Pin Up.
Chéri advises you to bring your /lingerie dresses for the photo shoot, since this is the only
way to be sure that what you will wear is something that you particularly love and that reflects the
your personality. However, for those who want to enjoy our wardrobe, we provide
a wide range of underwear, dresses, refined accessories and jewelry for all tastes and we will guide you
in the choice of garments that suit you.

Discover the enchanted world of Petite Chèrie
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