Attilio Reinhardt

Attilio Reinhardt, presenter and entertainer known as the Burlesque Ambassador in Italy. 
In 2006 he created the website (first on the subject in our country) and in 2009 he published the book “Burlesque: Curve assassine, sorrisi di fuoco e piume di struzzo” (also in this case, first in Italy dedicated to this art).
Since 2007 she has presented burlesque and variety shows, in which she has shared the stage with some of the greatest burlesque international performers, such as Dirty Martini, Michelle L’Amour, Angie Pontani and numerous others. As speaker, I conceived and conducted with Sara Cassinotti Radio Variété, the first program dedicated to Italian artists of contemporary variety, broadcast on Radio blabla in Milan in the season 2015-16. I also created the podcasts Burlesque Stories (2020) and Fuori Scena. Cronache dei lavoratori dello spettacolo (2021), of which I was producer and speaker. I also work as an artistic consultant for clubs, theatres, corporate events and corporate dinners. I put my experience of 15 years in the field of entertainment in all kinds of locations and in the presence of all kinds of audiences, at the service of the creation of shows with customizable features according to the needs of each customer.
A masterclass to stand out

This masterclass is designed for schools and burlesque courses that wish to offer their students a more complete and aware training of this art. In 10 years of activity in this field, between live performances and research work, I realized that often the history of burlesque is neglected, in favor of the only practical aspects of this discipline. In fact, knowing the history of burlesque is also very useful on a concrete level. Here’s an example: being informed about this culture means having an extra tool to create original acts that stand out among many. Knowing who was there and what they did in burlesque before us allows them to be inspired, reinvent, pay homage without copying, or go in a completely different direction. Any artistic choice becomes more conscious. And the end result will be better, fresher, as well as different from others. Knowing the history of burlesque is definitely useful also in the phase of choosing your character and the imaginary reference. In addition, this cultural heritage helps those on the road to professionalism to devise shows and events always new and original. To summarize: this masterclass serves to stand out!

Burlesque: History, Culture and Characters of a mischievous art

This interesting path, which starts from the origins to move to the Golden Age up to the contemporary neo-Burlesque, is integrated by the vision of carefully selected visual and documentary material to ensure a complete and aware training of this mischievous and fascinating art.

Thanks to a perfect harmony of theory and practice, you will have all the tools necessary to create original and perfect acts, re-inventing
the classics or leaving your talent free to always give your best in enhancing your femininity.

what you need : notebook and pen

Because in order to best express themselves in every form of art – whether it is music, theatre, dance or other – it is essential to know its theory and practice, but also its history and culture. The roots, the most important moments of its development, the characters that helped make it great, are all fundamental information to understand and “be inside” every art.
This also applies to burlesque. Yet, as I said, knowing the history of burlesque is definitely useful for the practical purposes of the exhibition.

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2 Hours of Masterclass by Attilio Reinhardt


Xinergie, in Piazza Sant'Anna, 3 - Centro Storico di Palermo


95 partecipants in the event


The workshop is reserved for those over the age of 18


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